Why Security Cameras Alone May Not Protect You

If you live in a modest home in a safe neighbourhood, it might seem as if a few cheap security cameras would be all you need to dissuade any unwanted visitors. While cameras help, they’re not enough to protect your family from some of the most common safety threats.

Your Cameras Are Part of a Team

Cameras are a vital component of a home security system, but the other parts of the system play equally important roles. Because burglars tend to aim for easy targets, security window stickers and yard signs can keep a would-be intruder from even setting foot on your property. These alone might save you from the stress of finding someone creeping around your house late one night!

Motion sensors, glass-break detectors, door and window sensors form your next line of defence. Not all intruders are masked strangers. Sometimes they are a vengeful ex or a sticky-fingered neighbour who knows your home’s layout well enough to evade the cameras. If they try to slip in through a window out of your cameras’ range, your window sensor will set off an alarm.

Not Every Threat is Visible

While cheap security cameras do a decent job of recording any intruders, they can’t protect your family from situations possibly more dangerous than a home invasion. A complete home security system includes carbon monoxide and smoke detection, flood detection, and temperature monitoring. With these services tied into your security system, you’ll receive an alert when there’s a problem such as a heating system malfunction or rising water in the basement.

Alerts like this are a must if your children or pets sometimes stay home alone. The dog can’t call to let you know the furnace has stopped working. Kids can panic during an emergency, such as a flooded basement or gas leak, and make the situation worse by trying to fix the problem. For even greater peace of mind, subscribe to an alarm monitoring service that will call the proper authorities even if you happen to miss the phone alert.

Your family’s safety is worth much more than a few cheap security cameras. With a complete home security system, you can protect your family from threats cameras alone can’t stop.