Home Security Tips for When You’re Away this Holiday Season

The holiday season is now in full swing and soon you may be on holidays and planning to leave your home toSafety-Tips-for-When-Youre-Away-from-Home-for-the-Holidays-four-o-one-security-team celebrate the season with friends and family. Here are some safety tips to keep your home and possessions safe from burglars while you’re away.

Tip #1 – Keep your possessions concealed from outsiders peeping into your home seeking a better look at your valuable inventory. Ensure you keep your valuables out of sight. A few ways you can do so is: Don’t leave gifts under your Christmas tree if you’ve openly displayed your tree in the front window, place all valuables in areas hidden from view from your windows and doors.

Tip #2 – Alert a trusted neighbour to the fact that you’ll be leaving your home vacant over the holidays so they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

Tip #3 – Never leave a spare key hidden somewhere outside the entry points of your home. Instead, leave an extra key with a trusted neighbour.

Tip #4 – Never display your family name outside of your home, on a mailbox or street number for example. Burglars can find your home phone number and call your house to confirm that no one is home.

Tip #5 – Refrain from posting your holiday travel plans on social media and never include any details of your plans on your voice mail greeting. Greetings like: “You’ve reached the Smith family, we are away for a week skiing please leave a message…” is something that will allow burglars to know that you are gone and how long you’ll be away for.

Tip #6 – Leave some lights on inside and outside your home or install automatic timers so your house looks like it’s occupied. Leave the radio on or set your television to turn on at a certain hour. Burglars study routines, it’s a tactic they use to ensure the best time to ransack your home. By using timers you can create the illusion that your routine hasn’t changed and you have stayed home for the holidays.

Tip #7 – Schedule someone to shovel your driveway and walkway while you’re away so it doesn’t look like you’re away from home.

Tip #8 – Schedule someone to pick up your mail and package deliveries so they don’t accumulate. This is something burglars look for to confirm that you’re away from home.

Tip #9 – Install a burglar alarm from a Canadian Accredited Security Contractor and have it locally monitored from a central station. Make sure to call the alarm company and let them know you’ll be away for the holidays. Provide them with a phone number you can be reached at and/or an additional phone number of a trusted neighbour who is in charge of watching over your home. If your alarm is triggered the alarm company can speak directly to you or your trusted neighbour.

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