Criminals Target Grieving Families

We are sharing more and more on the internet and on social media. With information becoming more personal-safety-tips-when-walking-alone-at-night-four-o-one-security-teamaccessible on the world wide web this personal convenience can also increase vulnerability to crimes.

Funeral Homes are gaining a greater online presence and obituaries are now being published online. This makes it convenient for people to search when and where a service is being held. However, this also informs burglars when a family will be away from their home. It may be difficult to believe but break-ins can happen even during a vulnerable time like a funeral. Burglars capitalize on grieving families by robbing their homes when they are attending the funeral.

Social media is also a place where more personal information is being shared and people are publishing statuses regarding where and when they’re leaving for vacation. Announcements like these may let the people you care about know the great news but it can also alert criminals to an unoccupied home. With this information published on social media, criminals can figure out when you’re leaving and how long you’ll be away from your home.

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