Can Installing A Burglar Alarm Increase the Value Of My Home?

Your family’s safety is the main benefit of a burglar alarm but an alarm system also adds value to your home should you ever decide to sell. Basic burglar alarm installation isn’t especially expensive, but it can save your potential buyer time and money. It can also give them the peace of mind of knowing they’re investing in a well-secured home.

A Boost to Your Home’s Value

Motion detectors, windows with reinforced locks, and steel doors are all practical security upgrades that can raise your home’s value, but they’re only part of the puzzle. They can’t keep out a truly determined thief. A burglar alarm completes your home security setup by making sure you and the authorities are alerted if an intruder enters your home.

Smart home buyers know this and see a burglar alarm as a sign the previous owner has taken every step necessary to make the house secure. In purely practical terms, having the system already in place raises your home’s value by saving the buyer not just the cost of the system, but also the time it takes to research, buy, and install a new one.

An Attractive Selling Point

Besides increasing your home’s value, burglar alarm installation can also help it sell faster. Security is a strong selling point for home buyers at every stage of life. Young singles who’ve put their savings into high-end stereo systems, laptops, and other electronics will be happy to know their prized possessions are protected. For parents, an existing security system offers assurance that from the day they move in, their children will be safe from the emotional trauma of a home invasion.

Older adults often have a lifetime’s worth of valuables, such as jewelry, artwork, and collectibles as well as sentimental pieces. What’s more, they might be storing valuables for other family members. A burglar alarm helps them keep these belongings safe and worry less for their physical safety at an age when they might feel particularly vulnerable.

By showing your potential buyers you’ve put effort into creating a secure home and saving them time and hassle, burglar alarm installation can give your home’s value a nice little boost.