Best Home Security Options For Seniors Living Alone

Today, technology offers some of the best home security options for seniors. Widespread internet access along with wireless communication now enhance quality of life and safety for the ever-increasing population of elders. Living alone while aging in place are doable goals with a little help from technology specifically designed for the purpose. Here are some of the best home security options for seniors who want to remain active, independent and safe.

Medical Alert Systems

Many intelligent home security systems now integrate full medic alert monitoring technology into the installation. Alternatively, the service can be purchased as a standalone device.

Also known as a personal emergency response system, these devices provide a wearable wireless link to a 24/7 emergency response center. Typically worn as a cellular-connected pendant or bracelet, basic medic alert units feature one-button contact to reach trained personnel at the call center. Immediate two-way voice communication with the senior helps evaluate a problem and provide the appropriate response. If the response center is unable to make voice contact after a signal, a designated person can be notified or emergency services contacted to respond to the address.

New medical alert options are designed to serve a newer generation of seniors who are generally techno-savvy. Cutting-edge features take personal emergency response to the next level with options like automatic fall detection that summons help without pushing the alert button (one in three adults over 65 will suffer a debilitating fall each year) as well as medication reminders and even real-time vital signs monitoring. Sensors can also detect if the user has forgotten to wear the device during normal waking hours and send text message reminders.

Video Monitoring

While networked video surveillance cams are now a common component of home security, this technology is also helpful in keeping a watchful eye on seniors living alone. Installed in a central location in the residence that doesn’t compromise individual privacy, accessing the camera can confirm that an individual is up and around in normal daily activities—great for peace of mind. In addition to live viewing, recordings are stored on an internal SD card for review. Caregivers can access the camera on a computer, smartphone or tablet at a password-protected site from any internet connection.